Casitas Security PPO# 12290

Casitas Security  PPO# 12290

P.O. Box 5397 Huntington Beach, Ca 92615


Established in 1980 Casitas Security has been providing Security Services to Los Angles, Riverside, Orange, and San Diego Counties for over 30 years.

Our dedicated Staff is ready to assist Private and Public property events with a “eyes on” capacity providing real time data on site.

Casitas Security Guards are trained and will tailor our  patrols  to your unique property requirements, needs, and demands.

Private Property Patrols, Parking Enforcement, Standing Guards, Shopping Centers, Gated Communities, Home Owner Associations, Hospitals, and Private Events are some examples of Locations Casitas Security provides private security services.

Casitas Security has a strong working relationship with many cities.

Casitas Security  provides Uniformed Guards that can secure your location allowing you to rest easy knowing that a Uniformed Guard is on duty and patrolling.

Using innovative hardware Casitas Security is able to provide real time updates of property status.

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